Getting started

  1. Get started with Bulma
  2. Download the bulmaswatch.min.css for the respective theme
  3. Replace bulma.css with bulmaswatch.min.css


  1. Install package npm install bulmaswatch
  2. Each theme consist of two files - _variables.scss & _overrides.scss
  3. Import the respective theme files from node_modules/bulmaswatch/<themename>/<filename>
  4. Make sure you import bulma before the _overrides.scss for the theme to work properly
  5. An example of your custom theme file is the bulmaswatch.scss for each theme


You can use the API to integrate the themes with your platform.


This returns all the themes with important URLs. Here is how a sample theme looks:

  "name": "Cosmo",
  "description": "An ode to Metro",
  "preview": "",
  "thumb": "",
  "css": "",
  "scss": "",
  "scssVariables": ""